Standard Flow of Production

  • Order Confirmation
  • Raw Material Preparation
  • Raw Material Inspection
  • Production Scheduling
  • Formulation
  • Semi Product Inspection
  • Filling, Packing
  • Finished Product Inspection
  • Product Storage for Shipping

Monthly production Capacity

  • Facial Mask

    Facial Mask

    1,000,000 pcs

  • Serum


    200,000 btls

  • Face Cream

    Face Cream

    200,000 btls

Plant Operation

  • Inventory Inspection

    warehouse specialist to check items and amount of goods when receiving

  • Material Classification

    Proper raw material / Ingredient storage after inspection

  • Receiving Flow

    ERP receiving flow, labeling, inspection, storage, forms, operation control, receiving and other work procedures

  • Barcode Scanning

    Coding each material upon receiving. Issue goods by scanning barcodes to ensure accuracy and FIFO

  • Confirm & Sign

    issued goods confirm and sign by issuer and receiver

Shipping of Product

Finished product complete examination. After quality test, the tested products is to be released to warehouse of finish products. Warehouse staff to check item code, item name and amount. Shipment delivery will be chosen according to clients’ request. Low temperature delivery available upon request.

  • Cross check before shipping out.

    Cross check before shipping out.

  • Product delivery.

    Product delivery.

  • Low temperature delivery.

    Low temperature delivery.

Quality Control

Quality First. Client First.
Based on market demand, TSRB ensures each product follows the safety targeted manufacturing system as cosmetic safety is a prevailing and critical subject. All TSRB manufacturing plants follow product quality control throughout the process from purchase of every raw ingredient (including clients’ supplies) to each step in batch production. By strict inspection in every detail, product safety and quality are observed by all staff of TSRB.

Quality Control

Comprehensive Quality System

ERP Based Production Planning and Control

  • Client Communication Flowchart
  • Design & Development
  • Order Flowchart
  • Purchase Flowchart
  • Goods Receiving & Inspection
  • Raw Material / Ingredient Storage
  • Production Preparation
  • Finished Goods Inspection
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Shipping Flowchart

Three strict quality management and control phases

  • Order confirmation
  • Raw Material / Ingredient Preparation
  • Raw Material / Ingredient Inspection
  • Production Scheduling
  • Manufacturing
  • Semi-Finished Product Inspection
  • Sorting & Packing
  • Finished Product Inspection
  • Finished Product / Storage
  • Shipping

Receiving Control

Raw Material Inspection

  1. JSCI (Japanese Standards of Cosmetic Ingredients)
  2. Chinese Pharmacopeia
  3. Standards For Cosmetics
  4. Manufacturer Material Specifications
  5. Additional Plant Inspection Items

Material Inspection

  1. Labeling Demo
  2. Test Assembling, Seal Test
  3. Special Physical Tolerance Test
  4. Special Chemical Residue Test
Material Inspection

TSRB receives new raw materials / ingredients based on inspection specification of raw materials / ingredients formulated according to specification and original manufacturer’s standard. AQL qualified materials and ingredients from strict random inspection and analysis based on Raw Material Specification will be adopted for manufacturing. In addition, manufacturer suggested storage method will be complied when storage to ensure active ingredients stay safe and most positive.

Production Management

Production management operation (ERP System)

Production Schedule / Packing Schedule → Batch production records issuance

Production Operation

Manufacture / Filling / Packing → production technology staff to keep batch production records

execute on-line QC / on-line QC staff to perform random sampling

Each product has individual manufacturing operation standard set up by TSRB so that standardized reference based production feeding, manufacturing and production with online inspection according to batch production records and regulation based quality inspection and comparison of semi-finished products and finished products by online inspectors are severely observed.

Production Operation

Product Management

  • Online Quality Test Staff
    -Sampling operation based standard sampling
  • Laboratory Quality Test Staff
    -Inspection according to each operation standards and product specification
  • Quality Control Personnel
    -Final determination of product release

Inspection Results

  • Test Qualified
    -QC tested labeling
    -COA attached
  • Abnormal Inspection Results
    -OOS investigation
    -Disqualified product process list
    -Products labeled disqualified
    -Abnormal investigation
    -Correction and prevention strategy according to each abnormality

TSRB cares for your product quality. Not only semi-finished products and finished products are randomly examined by the inspectors as an inspection and comparison of the quality, but also the final product safety can be reassured through the examination of microbiology ransom sampling test. After product is finished, QA staff will review and cross check each batch production records and inspection results as a control gate to the final finished products release.

6 Severe Inspection and Verification Tracks

  • Staff

    Periodical review of staff capabilities and qualification by management team to ensure continuous training and manpower quality upgrade.

  • Machines

    Prior to operation, inspection equipment must be checked to ensure it is within calibration period. Machine operation standard based suitability test to ensure the validity of inspection data.

  • Raw Material

    After materials are received, sampling and examination according to regulation will be performed to ensure the AQL of raw ingredients. Of 2,000-3,000 raw materials, TSRB makes sure there is a product formula exclusive to your needs.

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients are randomly sampled and the serviceability of ingredients are examined from appearance, item name, composability and its air tightness.

  • Semi-finished products

    Semi-finished products will be undergoing sampling inspection by online quality inspectors according to regulations. After the first batch of products, specified personnel will observe samples and keep records on scheduled timetables so as to verify the stability of manufacture quality.

  • Products

    The on-line sampling of finished products, semi-finished products are not only tested but also leaves a sealed sample according to management act, so to serve as a verification and tracking material of finished products.