OBM Procedures Introduction

Professional team supported comprehensive marketing strategy and operation direction consultation available.
Proposal based corporation image enhancement for clients’ internal discussion of case adoption.

  • Client Contact

  • Understanding Clients’ Demand

    Product goal, image, packing, Marketing, channel idea

  • Brand Designing & Marketing Proposal

    propose corresponsive strategy for product marketing and project suggestions according to clients’ product positioning

  • R&D Sampling

    produce agreed samples after mutual consent

  • Sample Confirmation

    confirm with client if requests are met

  • Production

    Mass production after client confirmation

  • QC

    quality control prior to packing

  • Container Design

    design for containers such as bottles, paper box, Aluminum foil Package... based on product image

  • Filling & Containing

    product filled into chosen container. Overall filling complete

  • Finished Goods Screening

    screening and inspection of goods before delivery

  • Packing Of Goods for Delivery / Channel Planning & Integration

    overall product planning including brand structure planning, brand formula and ingredients, and outer packing design based on client’s channel properties

  • Brand Marketing Proposal

    propose corresponsive marketing strategy and project suggestions according to clients’ product positioning and brand image


  • Communication

    Discuss with clients to find out the needs and the products. Discuss with clients about the direction setting based on clients’ needs.

  • Communication Proposal

    Based on existing style and samples, discuss with clients the planning for direction setting. Next step is determined upon the confirmation of style.

  • Contract signed

    Deposit is payable upon signing contract

  • Data Provide

    Client to provide text, photos and necessary document.

  • Make proposal

    Upon the client-confirmed style and design direction, design team to write, design, and make proposal to client.

  • Proofreading

    Adjustment (3 times adjustments) of text and design according to confirmed design text.
    1.Design style proofreading.
    2.Text confirmation.
    3.Overall confirmation.

  • Finalized

    Designed pictures and text confirmation. Confirmation letter is to be signed by both parties upon confirmation.

  • Copyright Transfer

    Complete the design project requested by client. Transfer copyright after receiving the balance.

Print Flow Description

  • Communication

    Confirm with client the requested items and structure. Discuss the material, amount, size, appearance and presentation with client.

  • Quoted price

    Price estimation and quotation based on client-discussed request items.

  • Structure Confirm

    Sample making upon client-provided structure or client-confirmed structure. 50% deposit payable.

  • Visual Confirm

    Design draft to be confirmed to fitted onto formal printing structure die cutting. Confirm and sign upon the draft with client.

  • Visual Sample

    Fit the cutting die draft upon the confirmed white box structure. Color inkjet. One sample fitting to box, sample fitting to digital box, chargeable for second round of sampling or more.

  • Formal Sample

    Formal sample production based on digital box sampling. Paper and process for formal sampling are chargeable.

  • Print / color check

    On spot checking for color and density fine adjustment (5%~10% fine adjustment) at printing house.

  • Carry Out / Shipments

    Printing complete. Goods deliver to client-designated location.

  • Acceptance / Balance Pay

    50% balance payable upon acceptance.

Sell Planning Process

  • Client to inform their demand.

  • Project team to visit client.

  • Plan the project content according to requests.

  • Structure sample.

  • Start execution.