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Our customization service offer high quality products to you.

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  • Customized Products

Facial Masks

With a thick layer of fabric applied onto face with various function and ingredients to block skin from air and rise the temperature of skin surface, the pore will open and inhibit the secretion of sebum and the vaporization of perspiration. Penetrated active ingredients will be absorbed among cells quickly.

Mask types

Slices, Gel Masks, Clay, Peel-Offs, Cream, Bubble Mask…, Etc.

Common products

Cleansing mask, nurturing mask

Men Skincare

Men also need to know how to take care of their facial skin. Of the same oil, normal, oil, to combination skin, 80% of men are of dried oil skin, suffering from oil, acne, large pores, wrinkles…, etc.


Face Washing Cream (Clean off dirt)

The first step, also the most important step of skincare, is to choose products according to the skin type with correct cleansing method.

Toner (moisturize/ convergence)

Not only as a hydration supplier, can a toner also balance the oil and water and the PH in the skin, and be the key to later absorption of other skincare products.

Lotion (sustain hydration / repair / nurturization)

Made for men the light texture, quickly absorbed formula is the solution to skin problems from stress, stay-ups, business meals, shaving…etc. through easy care it can create new attractive men.

Eye Cream (Point Emphasized)

Chase away the tiredness from your eyes through lift-up, filling, reviving, and soothing method. Light up the dullness around the eyes, restore your fiery eyes.

Sunscreen (Block UVA,UVB/ Anti-Aging):

Protect skin from Ultraviolet and delay aging process.

Baby Skincare

Baby skin is extra soft, fine and fragile because of its epidermis and dermis are not yet developed. It contains much hydration and few oil, therefore it requires special skincare products. Natural, mild, non-irritating ingredients are the principal for baby care products.


Common products

Cleansing, moisturizing, refreshing, diaper rash products.

Aging Skincare

From the point of aesthetic medicine, “aging” can be “Intrinsic Aging”, a sure process with time, and “Extrinsic Aging”, a chronicle skin damage from sun radiation such as senile plaque, wrinkle, dryness and itchiness, etc. Aging skin problem has been top skin problems to the elders. As aging is a process everyone will go through, it is no longer exclusive to young people to take care of their own skin. We provide product R&D dedicated for the elders to stay beautiful and relaxed in life.


Neck Care

The skin of your neck is only 2/3 thick than your face. It is easily dehydrated and becomes rough, dull, stretched and wrinkled. Not only does our face need to be cared, so does our neck skin. You would not want to look young in the face while your wrinkled skin gives away your actual age.


Customized Products

Our customization service offer high quality products to you.

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