Body Care

Body Care

Common products

Essential oil massage / Stretch Mark Preventive & Reducing Cream (Oil) / Massage Cream (Oil)/ Hip Lift Ups / Bust Beauty / Hands Feet Exfoliation / Body Lotion / Foot Care / Body Sunscreen / Hand Cream / Body Shaping- Sculpturing – Slimming / Body Exfoliation (non granule, granule)

Hair Beauty

According to research, 70% male will be attracted to women’s hair, and 74% male pay attentions to a girl because of her beautiful hair. From here we realize the importance of quality hair and taking good care of our hair. The Top5 problems of hair are breakage, white hair, split, lack of elasticity and dullness. It takes a good amount of attention and repair to have voluminous, fine and smooth black hair.


Common products

Shampoo, Dry Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask (Oil) (Rinse-Off, Rinse-Free), Hair Tonic

Private Care

Private care products are most seen in cleansing, moisturizing, deodorant and whitening. Anti-aging and firming products become popular and high demands these years. Discharges and menstruation makes it difficult to stay dry. Hence the products go for weak PH, natural and mild ingredients…etc. Because of the close location of urethral orifice, the humidity further increases when it is not wiped clean after urination or due to leakage of urination. If not infected or inflamed, the odor would become a problem as well. Therefore it is critical for women to keep the cleanness and care for the genital area with the most pure protection and skin care.


Customized Products

Our customization service offer high quality products to you.

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