Exfoliation Products

As we grow, irregular life style will delay the speed of skin cells renew. Of the recent years, the medical beauty therapy has become so popular that exfoliation-like/peeling are rising along with it. Exfoliation is basically the removal of oldest dead skin cells so as to increase skin renew and look younger.

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Exfoliation can be physical and chemical:

  • the friction between granules of various sizes to remove old skin cells.
  • dissolve and remove old skin cells using acid/alkali or enzyme.

Exfoliation products are classified into 3 types:

  • in the form of face wash and scrubs/cream.
  • high concentration (ex, fruit Acid / enzyme) of low pH to remove old skin cells in short time and renew skin.
  • low concentration of fruit acid / enzyme or tinier granules that can be broken from massaging gestures to release active ingredients are added to daily skin care products for mild gradual skin cell removal in achieving brighter and smoother skin.

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