Makeup Removal & Cleansing

Facial makeup removal products

Removing makeup should be the first thing when you enter your home. even if you are very busy today, never overlook the importance of removing makeup and cleansing.

When do we need to remove makeup?

People who put on makeups should remove them completely. But why do those who do not have makeup on need to do the same? Because of the air pollution, high greasy, dirty working environment, sunscreen… and the suspension particles (typically known as PM2.5), our skin is not cleaned simply using water and face wash. When the skin is exposed to greasy dirt, we can simply use face wash that is suitable to our skin type!

How do you choose makeup remover?

Based on different textures such as oil, lotion/cream, gel…, you can choose from below products:

  • Cleansing oil deals heavy makeups with best result easily.
  • Cleansing lotion/cream is suitable for light makeup and extreme sensitive skin.
  • Cleansing gel can remove sunscreen and is good for those with acne skin.
  • Pick a product that suits you and rinse off thoroughly with plenty of clean water. With the right product, your face should be refreshing, non-greasy, smooth and not dry.

Eye & Lip Makeup Removers

Why do eyes and lips require their own makeup remover?

Eyes and lips are the most sensitive skin. To cover outstanding makeup removing ability and to do it gently, a special formula is dedicated to these skin part for easy removal and leaving skin without irritation.

This is why eyes and lips require their own makeup remover.

Skin Cleaning Products

Skin Cleaning Products

A bad skin cleaning procedure will cause acne and pimple problems. The worst is when the skin pores are block, they cannot absorb any skin care product that you applied on, resulting a waste of money on the purchase of best skin care products.

Face wash can be in numerous forms. The most seen ones are: cream/ lotion/gel/moose/liquid…, etc.

Customized Products

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