Skincare Series

  • Facial Care Series
  • General Care Series
  • Lift & Firm Reviving Series
  • Whitening Series
  • Moisturizing Series
  • Soothing Sensitive Series
  • Eye Repair Series
  • Oil Control Series
  • Acne Free Series
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  • 保養系列 - 商品形象 - 2
  • 保養系列 - 商品形象 - 3
  • Toner

    Watery liquid give prompt supply necessary moist to the skin

  • Serum

    The thick liquid contains high density active component

  • Lotion

    The oil in lotion forms a layer of protection on the skin

  • Cream

    Cream enriches the skin better than lotion and the protection layer locks in hydration for long time.

  • Toner

    After cleansing, the toner remains skin in hydration. It reduces pores and tightens skin. Supply water anytime in anyplace to keep skin soft and moisturized.

  • Serum

    The particle in serum is between lotion and toner with watery breathy texture. It is used after toner and before lotion. Apply and massage to help absorption and repair damaged skin.

  • Primary Liquid

    Relative single highly concentrated skincare ingredient that deals with all types of skin problems. Intensive nutrition provided in a more direct, safer, more effective penetration which restores skin its best condition in shortest time. It is also called the First Aid to the skin.

  • Lotion/Cream

    Mix of water and oil, both lotion and cream need Surfactant to combine the two major ingredients. Oil in Water (O/W): a more refreshing mixture suitable for normal to oil skin type.

  • Ampoules

    Ampoules is a bottle that contains concentrated essence. Extremely high concentrated essence which contains active skin care ingredients brings the most effective skincare. It is the top product in skincare/cosmetics which brings a completely renewed experience to the skin.

Skincare procedures

  • Face Wash

  • Toner

  • Eye Essence

  • Serum

  • Lotion

  • Eye Cream

  • Facial Cream

Eye Care Series

General eye issues
Fine lines, pouches, dark circles are typical eye care problems. General eye care products including:

  • Eye mask

    A better penetration helps ease the swelling, dark circles and stretched eye skin due to tiredness and staying up. Prompt hydration supply, soothing skin around the eyes and keeping it hydrated and tightened.

  • Eye Gel/ Eye Dew

    Day care product that erases pouches, swellings, dark circles and helps blood circulation, soothing tired and stressed skin. Refreshing non greasy texture which is popular among 30+ years old women.

  • Eye Cream

    A more thick texture that gives better hydration. Enhances comfort, erase fine lines and crow's feet. It also reduces dryness around eyes and restores skin elasticity. 。

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