TSRB Research Center

R&D Department

R&D Department

Strictest Raw Ingredients

Strict selection from advanced skincare countries such as France, Germany and Japan, giving you the global beauty in-sync.


Complete laboratory experiment data proving the effectiveness of raw ingredients.

Product Design

Complete anti-aging, anti-acne, whitening, moisturizing, and soothing mechanisms to protect your skin at every angle.

Technology collaboration

Partnership on developing active ingredients. A professional collaboration of industries, government and institutions.

R&D Department

Product Diversity

Product Diversity

Skincare Products

From facial skincare to hand/foot skincare series

Skin Cleansing Products

From facial cleansing series, exfoliation cream, exfoliation gel and scrub gel


Sunscreen lotion/cream, sunblock lotion/cream

Body care

Bust Massage Oil/Cream, Bust Cream. Bust Essence, Body Slimming Lotion/Cream, Body Shaping Essence, Body Slimming Massage Oil and Firming Cream

Hair Products

Shampoo, Conditioner, hair care liquid, Hair Tonic

Product Complete Stability Test

  • Product Complete Stability Test - 1
  • Product Complete Stability Test - 2
  • Initial test

    Centrifuge & Emulsification particle size observation to the initial test of product stability

  • Challenge Test

    Low temperature test, mid-high temperature test, high temperature test, low temperature ~ high temperature cycle test

  • Microbiology challenge test

    Product safety test to ensure free from microorganism contamination

Factory Equipment

  • Factory Equipment - 1
  • Factory Equipment - 2
  • Factory Equipment - 3
  • Factory Equipment - 4

Laboratory Equipment

  • Laboratory Equipment - 1
  • Laboratory Equipment - 2

Warehouse Area

  • Warehouse Area  - 1
  • Warehouse Area  - 2

Effectiveness Test

The comparison of miniaturization, brightness, elasticity, depth of wrinkles and ten plus skin test before and after product using skin test machine.

  • Effectiveness Test - 1
  • Effectiveness Test - 2

All-Round Service

Complete product series. x Expert procedure execution. x Severe quality control. x Innovative technology development.

  • Proposal Market survey. Collection and verification of market raw ingredient information. Product design project discussion. Overall management prior to commercialization of products. Data regarding product sales & manufacturing.
  • Production Production of all types of dosage, filling for various dosage form, packing for various dosage.
  • Quality Control Inspection to every steps from import of raw ingredients, manufacturing, packing manufacture and inspection, to final product test. In-plant hygiene management and product quality control and management system throughout the production.
  • Technology Test and trial of various types of sample, R&D of various dosage form. Constant R&D of dosage form. New product monitor and test.
  • R & D R&D on the practicality and effectiveness of raw ingredients and product. Collaboration with major raw ingredient exporting countries.
  • Market survey. New product R&D. Mass production. QC. Filling and packing. Shipping.

All-Round Concept

Taiwan Top Science Research & Biomedical (TSRB) owns professional R&D team. Only by providing product differentiation can there be a chance to market share. With most advanced formula and dosage form, as well as rich technology transfer ability and special formulation application experiences, TSRB is able to assist clients in creating products of exclusive formula and global brands. Knowing that it takes everything to run a business, therefore TSRB provides one-stop service, leaving clients focusing on market strategy without having to worry about the production, formula R&D, containing and overall design.

All-Round Concept - 1

Market establishment, product import, marketing and promotion, all require certain process and procedures. TSRB abandons traditional habits and provides suggestions and detailed consultation on clients’ commercial products and promotion related inquiry. With expert, strict quality control, perfect quality and open data, TSRB runs business in such concept that we believe the key to the growth of a brand lies in creating three-win relationships.

All-Round Concept - 2